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Information on Clinic Services

We provide medical services to individual customers and members of corporate clients.
Individual Customers
  • How can I make an appointment for UMP's service?

    We welcome you to make an appointment in advance by phone. You can click HERE to select the clinic according to the type of medical services you need and the doctors' names before making an appointment by phone.

  • What should I do if I want to find a clinic nearby?

    You can click HERE to identify medical service locations near you.

  • What kind of healthcare services does UMP provide?

    From general consultation to specialist care to dental services and ophthalmology, UMP provides you with one-stop medical services that take care of your health in a holistic way. In addition to outpatient services, our medical centres also provide health check-ups, visa medical examinations, and diagnostic imaging services.

Corporate Member
  • What should I do if I have lost my service identification document?
    Please inform your company within 24 hours if you have lost your service identification document. You will be held responsible for any loss due to delay in reporting. Administrative fee will be charged upon replacement of each new UMP Medical Card / UMP Dental Card (if applicable).
  • Are there any restrictions when I use the service?
    Under normal circumstances, the Medical Outpatient Scheme has set a daily limit for each person to use our medical services. Meanwhile, the scope of services is also subject to agreement. However, the plans may vary from one another. For details, please check with your company or insurance company. However, you will be responsible for paying all expenses to the clinic if the service you use exceeds the above limits, or if the service is not covered under your Medical Outpatient Scheme/Dental scheme. The company will not accept the relevant claims and reserves the right to recover the full service fee from you.

    Meanwhile, if you fail to present a valid service identification document, you will be responsible for the relevant medical / dental expenses. All charges collected on that day will not be refunded.

    Please note that the coverage of your medical / dental card is bounded by the agreement made between your company and UMP Medical / UMP Dental Services.
  • Where can I receive consultation service under the coverage of medical/dental plan?
    Please click here to access the Panel Provider List. For the access code, please obtain from the Human Resources Department of your company. After logging in, you may check the doctor's list and make appointment in advance by phone.
  • Can I still enjoy UMP's medical services after I have left my company?
    Employees must return their service identification document to their company upon withdrawal from the scheme or leaving their company. The specific service identification document must not be transferred to others.
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