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UMP Healthcare Opens Another New PET-CT Imaging Centre in Spring 2023
2022/08/2 12:56
UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited (“UMP” or the “Group”, SEHK: 722) is pleased to announce that the Group is expanding imaging services to offer digital Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/Computer Tomography (CT) scans in the CBD of Hong Kong Island.

The new ProCare PET-CT Centre (“Centre”, tentative name) located at Bank of America Tower has a total floor area of 5,417 sq. ft. As part of the HK$30 million investment, a brand-new digital PET-CT scanner will be installed, which is particularly useful for cancer and heart disease diagnosis, and is expected to be up and running in Spring 2023. The new Centre will strengthen UMP’s service, particularly for patients using the oncology, medical imaging and scanning services.

Dr. SUN Yiu Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UMP, said, “UMP possesses a comprehensive healthcare service platform, and has achieved remarkable results in recent months with its determination to develop in specialist services. This new PET-CT scanner synergizes with the oncology and day surgery operations at the Group’s latest 6-floors complex medical centre in the prime Central district. This will intensify the Group’s customer base and create a synergistic contribution to the overall healthcare business.”

“PET-CT imaging is a type of nuclear medicine imaging which uses radiotracers to accurately diagnose various types of clinical conditions.  This is a non-invasive examination and is especially important in cancer treatment.  PET-CT scanning is useful in facilitating early cancer diagnosis, staging of cancer and assessment of treatment response.” explained Dr. Michael SUN, Executive Director & Group Chief Radiologist. “However, due to the unique requirements for the installation of PET-CT imaging facilities, these scanners are not widely available in Hong Kong market. Therefore, with rising demand I believe our new Centre will benefit many patients at a convenient and central location.”

With the new Centre open, the Group will be the only non-hospital-group service provider offering PET-CT scanning services at two centres in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon areas. The Group plans to further strengthen the imaging and scanning services in prime districts and continue expanding to the New Territories.

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