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Corporate Healthcare Solutions

Human resources are an asset to a corporate. A good corporate is often most conscientious with its employees' welfare, and the medical benefit programme is a core part of it. The employees' health is part and partial to a corporate's productivity: Healthy employees means higher efficiency at work, while their dynamic, energetic outlook can help set a positive corporate image.

UMP has 30 years' experience in providing corporate healthcare programme. Alongside our continuous drive for excellence, our service network is now covering over 600 medical centres in Hong Kong and Macau, and extended to major cities in Mainland China, so that our employees can have easy access to our professional medical and healthcare services. Our electronic platform and paperless operation are providing 1 million members from more than 3000 enterprises in various sectors with quality healthcare and medical administration services. Our team of professional medical practitioners and experienced business administrators can work hand-in-hand with you to tailor a corporate healthcare programme to your needs, which can effectively manage the health risks of your employees, enhance their overall efficiency and sense of belonging, and establish a healthier and more pleasant working environment within the company

Our healthcare solutions include:

.Outpatient Service

(General Consultation, Specialist Consultation, Physiotherapy,

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostic imaging & Lab

Services and Day Surgery Service etc)

.Dental Service
.Work Injury Assessment

.Pre-employment and Annual Health Assessment

.Chronic Illness Programme

.Member Service Hotline

.Third Party Administration Service

.Virtual Medical Support Service

.In-patient Admission Service & GOP Issuance Service

.Doctor Outreach Service for Hotel Clients

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Features of Our Service

  • Professional Healthcare Team
    The Professional, Standard and Compliance Committee, formed by seasoned specialists and dental directors, ensures that our members receive services that meet, or even exceed, local and international standards. Dedicated corporate service officers are arranged for and work closely with each corporate client for the day-to-day operations, so as to streamline the management of their programme and offer timely services. Our medical centres in Beijing and Shanghai have all been accredited by WONCA (accreditation recognized by the World Organization of Family Doctors), providing our patients with quality primary healthcare services.
  • Multifaceted medical and value-added services
    UMP offers one-stop medical services, from general consultation to specialist dental and ophthalmological care, to safeguard your health from every angle. In addition to outpatient services, our medical centres provide physical check-up, medical examination for visa application, as well as diagnostic imaging services. Taking into account the needs of different corporates, we also offer credit facility, various billing models, and third-party administration upon request.
  • Comprehensive medical network
    UMP boasts over 600 medical service points throughout Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, and the Greater Bay Area. Corporate members can elect to take advantage of the medical services from one or more territories within Hong Kong, Macau, and/or Mainland China according to their needs.
  • Electronic Processes
    The “UMP 服務點” smart phone apps enables our corporates and insurance members to check the locations and other information of the medical centres within the UMP network at all time. We also seek to enhance our operation efficiency with the use of new technology. A self-developed electronic system is now employed and continuously upgraded to meet the demand of the current medical sector and ensure a smooth process of medical consultation. We have also introduced the use of the electronic invoicing technology, so that doctors can save an electronic invoice into the system and patients can check their own UMP invoices any time via an online platform.
  • Third Party Administration Service
    To assist corporates and insurance companies with the complicated medical claims, UMP has taken full advantage of its experience in the medical sector to set up a professional third-party medical administration and an electronic management platform. With our wide-ranging services, from the design and administration of corporate healthcare programmes to the providing of professional advice and support in cases of medical claims, we can cater for the demands of all kinds of enterprises and insurance corporates, thanks to our flexible management system and streamlined procedures.
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